Collection of Shirts

Below is a collection of shirt designs I've created for a variety of clients, including agencies and small activist groups.

Brand Identity
three seas nautical shirt design

From Sketch to Vector

Shirt designs vary depending on what the concept is. Usually for heavy illustrative concepts like above, I sketch out a rough sketch first, do a final inking by hand, and then import into Illustrator where I refine everything using a combination of the Blob Brush tool and the Pen tool.

shirt progress


Every shirt created is inspired from something, whether it's incorporating "guiding clients to their best end product" with a compass and steering wheel, or incorporating "three" objects for "Three" Seas (right).

Some inspirations (as seen below-right) pull from cultural symbols. For example, the "Warped Tour" shirt pays homage to it being the last Warped Tour with a symbol of death (the death's-head hawkmoth). The design also features lines that gradually protrude from the center, representing sound waves that represent the music from Warped Tour.

ship steering wheel design
bird respect and moth shirt design