Noise Distillery

Noise Distillery is a musical powerhouse that specializes in creating custom music for TV, movies, and video games such as Mad Men, National Geographic, and Oasics. They came to The Gigawatt Group to create the branding for their new company with me as lead for all aspects of their branding.

Brand Identity
Web Design
Business Card

1 Month
noise distillery laptop

Bringing Images to Life with Music

Noise Distillery is the go-to hub for custom music spanning TV, movies, and video games. Unlike other custom music companies that offer specialized services, Noise Distillery offers a wide range of experience across varying mediums. My team wanted to highlight the versatility of the company while keeping it minimalist and "classic".

noise distillery logos

The Final Look

After several variations, we decided on a final look which captured both the "classic" and versatile style Noise Distillery was seeking. The negative space in the logo is up to the viewer's interpretation and could represent sound/music-related items such as piano keys or channel faders (sliders) on a sound board.

noise distillery logos

Wireframes to Web

After we had completed the logo, we then created a style guide for the brand and used a site map to guide the interior of the webpage. Soon after, we created a wireframe that was translated into a final design.

wireframes final website

Bringing the Page to Life

The animations and styling throughout the website paid homage to the line patterns you often find in sheet music and across musical instruments. Subtle animations such as the on-load logo fill, changing the color of the navigation text on-scroll, and parallax lines highlights different areas of the site to draw the user's attention.

Extending the Brand

In addition to the logo redesign and website, we were also commissioned to do business cards. We decided to do die cut business cards to allow viewers to see what's behind the card, with the notion that Noise Distillery can make music for anything you see, no matter the limitations.

noise distillery business cards