The Three Seas (Clean Cuts, Cerebral Lounge, and The Gigawatt Group) loves their clients and wants to show their appreciation during the holiday season. For their 2017 annual client gifts, they decided to gift their clients with a shirt of their choosing. I led the design for this project, from shirts and cards to the website and distribution.

Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, MailChimp, Wacom Tablet, and Bootstrap
Art Direction
Brand Identity
Greeting Card Design
UX/UI Design

2 Months
noise distillery laptop

A Homemade Touch

Making the gift sentimental was important to us, so what better way to do that than to make a homemade, hand drawn card? For the card, we ultimately decided on a wreath which had decorations of objects that make noise to pay homage to the card's message, "Wishing You Joyful Noise Throughout the Year."

greeting card sketch of wreath final greeting card of wreath

To the Web

Once the cards were sent to the printing company and our team of designers completed the shirt designs for the gift, we then created the online materials so we could distribute the shirts directly from the web to our clients' front doors.

The following is a flow chart which describes the action users will take to obtain their gift shirt: (for size purposes, this flow chart does not include unsubscriping from mailing list or going to other external websites at any stage of the process).

website user flow chart gift webpage