Ad 2 DC

Ad 2 DC is a nonprofit that offers career opportunities and resources to young adults seeking careers in the advertising and marketing industry. To make the brand more appealing to Ad 2 DC's targeted demographic of 18-30 years olds in the Washington DC area, I led the redesign of the brand's social media marketing materials (including logo) as Creative Director.

Logo Redesign | Social Media Graphics
Creative/Art Direction
Brand Identity, Logo
Social Media Promos
Web Design

3 Months
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Story Behind the New Logo

After many variations, we finally arrived at the final logo below. Not only did the logo solve all of the previous issues with the old logo (once we created the living style guide), but it also represented the story behind Ad 2 DC.

logo inspiration

1. Person Talking


logo inspiration

2. DC State

Where the targeted demographic lives

logo inspiration

3. Speech Bubble

Advertisement/marketing (opportunities)

Reinforcing the new logo

Considering the Ad 2 DC directors and design team would be using the logo and colors a lot, I decided to make a simplified style guide.

To Social Media

Every event Ad 2 DC hosts has its own unique theme, allowing the creative team to experiment with a variety of styles and designs.

One in particular which was a lot of fun to design for was our Interview Horror Stories marketing materials. We pulled inspiration from pop-art pioneers like Claudia Aguilar while giving the style a "comic-book" look, to capitalize the "horror" and the feeling of being the damsel-in-distress.

around the industry instagram
interview horror stories instagram

Across Platforms

To promote Ad 2 DC events, Ad 2 DC shares promo graphics throughout all their social media platforms. Social media platforms Ad 2 DC promotes to include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, in addition to email banners and graphics. In the world of social media: size matters, so making sure each of the graphics we promote to the social media platforms is optimized is essential to avoid cropping and appearing unprofessional. In order to better streamline this process, I created social media design templates for Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, so future designers could save time on production.

around the industry on different social media platforms