Please find below a collection of my graphic novel, picture book, and book cover illustrations.

Little Red Riding Hood staring down a snowy hill at a red cabin
Wolf dressed in a hood in bed glares hungrily at little red riding hood

blue library
A real ghost stares at the legs of a young kid dressed up as a ghost

comic strip of a girl watching tv of a girl cutting her hair
comic strip of a young girl cutting her hair and immediately crying after

two young girls playing video games on a couch
a girl running away from a monster

two girls teleporting across a map to a new area
a small furry creature waiting for its owners to get home

Lots of people living in an apartment chilling on their decks
A girl on a hill smiles as she stairs at a goldfish

book cover of four cookies holding a balloon
closeup of redhead girl with freckles book cover
book cover of two best friends playing video games

Young boy hugs a hurt monster
A girl in a duck outfit is chased by young ducklings that think she's their mother
Four friends that are girls hug each other