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Brigitta Blair

After stumbling upon Neopets and Journey (the video game), Brigitta quickly discovered how powerful stories could be when blending tech, art, and writing with community.

Brigitta studied interactive design at American University in Washington DC and Niigata College of Art and Design in Japan. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, Brigitta wore a variety of hats across the technology, design, and education fields. She led the design system iniative at FINRA which included designing/developing over 50 accessible UI components, taught interactive storytelling workshops for gaming at Writopia, and managed designs at agencies for Red Cross, Toyota, and McDonald’s.

Currently, Brigitta works at Ubisoft as a UI Technical Artist and is working on her debut middle grade grapic novel. For any publishing inquiries, please contact her literary agent Chelsea Eberly at Greenhouse Literary Agency.

portrait of Brigitta

Awards and Honors

  • Feature for SaberPunks video game, VR Trend Magazine, Oct 2021
  • Author-Illustrator Scholarship, SCBWI, Oct 2021
  • Createathon First Place and “People Choice” Winning App, FINRA, 2020
  • American Advertising Best in Show, American Advertising Foundation, Jan 2019
  • I Am Setsuna Cover Art Contest - Finalist: Tokyo RPG Factory, Dec 2016
  • Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest - Featured Art, Square Enix, Oct 2016
  • Digital Design Exhibit Featured Print, O美術館 Art Museum, Tokyo, Oct 2016
  • Featured Video Game for Ichabot Crane, Smithsonian Museum, DC, 2014
  • Global Game Jam's Best News Game, Newseum, DC, 2014
  • NO BULL (Cyberbullying): Global Top Ten Video Finalist, Cyber Safety Academy, 2012
Product Design
UX/UI Design
Game Design
Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Project Management
Front-End Development
Visual Development


  • Children's Book Academy Speaker: Scrivener Formatting for Graphic Novels, May 2022
  • SCBWI MDDEWV Conference Speaker: How to Build an Author Website, Mar 2022
  • DC American Advertising Association Webinar Speaker: Remote Job Searching: Stay In, Stand Out, Apr 2020
  • American University Panelist: Careers in Design, Nov 2019
  • Technica Conference Speaker: Building a Scalable Design System, Nov 2019